Monday, September 19, 2016

Where The Heck Have We Been?? Launching our new website too!

Hello Hello Beautiful people!!

My lord....we have been busy bee's since out last post!
Our show went off wonderfully dreamy and Amanda Forrest was everything we dreamt of and more....she is SO COOOOL!

We have done a ton of work with Switchback Creative and launched our Alberta Dames Website. 
Go on....YELL it from the mountain tops....we did!!

YES that is our unicorn!!

We are SO proud of our website! 
A. You can purchase our Alberta Dames Stencil Line right from our website.
B. You can book workshops right from our website
C. You can read our story and how our our journeys have brought us to this exact moment!
D. You can follow our blog posts right from the website
E. You can subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a minute of our creative adventures!
F. You can buy Early Bird Tickets to our Modern Vintage Markets right from the website!
G. You can apply to be a vendor in one of our markets right from our website......
and MORE! It's just SO EXCITING!
Go check it out and let us know what you think!! 

We've AMPED things up and now have 10,000sq ft booked for our November 5th Market. We have 50 of the coolest vendors booked! Come and see us at Rock Pointe Church in Bearspaw Alberta, one day only 10-4pm.

and with full hearts THANK YOU for supporting us on this adventure!

The Alberta Dames 
....see you on the website....

Monday, April 25, 2016

Modern Vintage Market June 4 2016

 We literally have been riding the most EXCITING roller coaster of our creative careers!!
You might want to sit down as this is one stacked blog post! Firstly you can now subscribe to The Alberta Dames so you don't miss an announcement, vendor call-out or special offers at and watch for our website launch in June 2016

Get that mini van packed with all the gals on board, there are SO MANY Fun Things happening for this June 4th Modern Vintage Market!! 

We are hosting our Alberta Dames Modern Vintage Market at the GORGEOUS Rustic Ranch in Airdrie Alberta Canada on June 4th 2016 10-4pm. 

We have some SUPER AMAZING guests this year!
MEET Amanda Forrest
Canadian Designer and a regular on The Marilyn Denis Show, Gorgeous , Fun and kick-ass!

We are SO EXCITED to have Amanda Forrest joining us at our Modern Vintage Market.
She is going to be there talking with YOU, signing autographs, taking pictures and doing some giveaways.
WATCH for our  Instagram contest where YOU, the excited customers post a picture of a room or area that you have design questions about on Instagram making sure to tag @albertadames AND @amandaforreststyle and Amanda will pick a list of posted questions. THEN at the show you can come up and have your question answered in person during Amanda's Q & A sessions, AND get an official design board from her AND get your photo taken with her. Ummm, BEST day ever!!!
WATCH for this Announcement on our Instagram page, in fact, GO LIKE the Instagram accounts right now so you don't miss out!

More Great News.....GAH,we can't stand the excitement ourselves!!! Jenny literally tricks people into telling them their gifts at Christmas just because she can't handle the excitement!!!
Do you know Jennilyn Pringle? She is AH-MAZING, and empowering and funny and brilliant and The President of Fusion Mineral Paint! She is sending an official Fusion Mineral Paint Rep to the show to chat with YOU the customers! GASP! She will do some demo's with Fusion, answer all your questions you need answered regarding Fusion,  YOU can win a raffle draw of MORE Fusion Paint, AND if your one of the first 100 lined up you will receive Fusion in your swag bag PLUS other giveaways at the show!
The FAT Paint company is also donating paint for the swag bags...Triple flip exciting!!
OOPS, back it up...SWEET SWAG BAGS? YES, The first 100 lined up Saturday morning will receive swag bags stuffed full of goodies!!! Get there early!  WANT more?

David's Tea is also giving out FREE tea all day long!
Sorso Coffee co. is giving out 500 cups of coffee, GET there early! 

INTRODUCING our Beautiful Creatives for the June 4th 2016 Modern Vintage Market:
Ava Blake Creations
Cougar Chic
Rustic Ranch Log Furniture LTD
Halo Headwear : Wear Your Halo
Home Creations
Mad Fish Glass Beads
Remade By Meebs
Gracefully Reclaimed
sam & nat
the art of Lauren Cowles
Pin It Accessories
Barb's Bears
ALL Through the House in Okotoks
Vintage North
Green Bean
Urban Whyte: Vintage Inspired Design
For The Birds
The Jewelry Rack
FIRED UP Naturals
It's Vintage yyc
Lamb's Soapworks
Buttercream Clothing
Brok Boys
Country Crafts
Bella's Vintage Luxuries
Sparkling Dahlia
Pure Living Enthusiast
Nest and Nurture
Love Art Soul
Jerzi'z Skye Designz & Painting
The ElleBee Tree

Home Creations
Whiskey's Projects
Classic Confections
Santosha Poetry
Bunky & Marie's Boutique
Seven Saints Designs
Sublime Mobile Couture
Waffle Chix
Red Wagon Diner

Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard...YES you can buy these Alberta Dames Tribe t-shirts at the show, limited stock so come early.

want to get our attention? use the hashtag #albertadames 

WHEW, If I smoked...I'd need a cigarillo right now, all that exciting news in one newsletter!
We CANNOT wait to see you all there!

Super Love
The Alberta Dames

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Alberta Dames Modern Vintage Market Oct.2015

Hello lovelies,

We are hosting our Modern Vintage Market on October 24th and 25th 2015 at the BMO Stampede Park
20 Roundup Way SW, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1, Canada. 
10-6pm Saturday & 11-5 Sunday

We have 6000 sq ft INSIDE the Calgary Woman's Show! YAHOO!
The first 2500 women through the door to the Woman's show will receive a swag bag AND the first 50 vintage fans through the entrance to our show will receive an Alberta Dames Stacked Swag Bag. **Sneeky insider tip** Our swag bags contain barn wood signs, headbands, handmade soaps and MORE!
Each of our 32 vendors have 100 admission tickets to give away, make sure to contact your favorite vendor or watch their facebook pages to win! Tickets going fast!
ANOTHER incredible demo to see.... 
---->Attention DIY-ers from all around! In this one of a kind demo The Alberta Dames will be demonstrating how to create a faux tin tile look using examples from their custom stencil line and the popular chalky style FAT Paint Co. Right on trend for your home decor or furniture pieces, don't miss the opportunity to take in this demo and get your tin tile kits.<----
Demo's run on both Saturday & Sunday

Our Crew is full of character! Can you handle 2 full days of The Alberta Dames & Tribe?
Introducing our spectacular vendors...

Ava Blake Creations
Cougar Chic Decor
Buttercream Clothing
Bunky & Marie's Boutique
Brok Boys
Barb's Bears
Sparkling Dahlia
sam & nat
Krazy Moose Tents & Gear
ALL Through the House & Red Barn Mercantile
M & M Designs
Rebelle Romantique
Hot Rocks Glass Jewels
Lamb's Soapworks
For The Birds
A Little Piece of Heaven Paint and Sewing Creations
White Wall Wood
Paige Leather
Heart 'n Soul Handbags
Mama's Crafts
Haiku Lane
La La Lace Bracelets
Chai Wallahs
Mitten Chic & Lilyshoppe
Prairie woods and pens
Pure Living Enthusiast
2 Birds Furniture
Polka Dot Creek
Seven Saints
Butterfly Paper Shop
WOW what a line up!
This is one show you do not want to miss....Did we mention that the Woman's Show has brought in a wine bar this year? I gotcha at wine didn't I?
See you there!
Super Love
Jenny & Annie
The Alberta Dames

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Alberta Dames Stencil Line

You read that right! The Alberta Dames designed a line of their own stencils!
We wanted pretty and cool all in one.
Each of our stencils can be used in at least 2 different ways, with paint via a brush/roller or with plaster for a raised effect on any piece of furniture.
You can also use each stencil design in different ways, for example you can tape off the stencil only leaving the corner for use or tape off the outer stencil leaving the  middle to be used behind a drawer/door knob.

Let's start with our favorite ones...

Tin Tiles,
We designed 4 Tin Tile looks.
 Tin Tile stencils come in a 12" x 12"
$30.00 cdn

 8" x 14"
$30.00 cdn

Here is a picture of us using the stencil with some plaster for a raised tin tile effect.
This particular look was created with chalk and metallic paint.

Here is Tile # 2
We love that this one has 2 looks to it. The corners become circles when used side by side.  BAM
 12" x 12"
$30.00 cdn
Tile #2 in the smaller size
$30.00 cdn

Here is Tile #2 created with a plaster and 3 colors of Metallic paint used on it.

                                                              This one is a fan favorite because of all it's detail!
Measures a 12" x 12"
$30.00 cdn

In the smaller size 8" x 14"
$30.00 cdn

Here is a picture from one of our retailers in Nanaimo BC Canada using the raised effect of plaster through our stencil on this gorgeous buffet.

Tine Tile #4 measures 12" x 12"
$30.00 cdn

Here is picture from Cougar Chic Decor using some plaster to create a faux tin tile to hang on her wall.

Here is the smaller 8" x 14" stencil
$30.00 cdn

Here is a picture from Ava Blake Creations showing how she created a faux tin tile look.

Here is another fan favorite, the detailed arrows. This one can be used as a single arrow, and an extended arrow to fit any size surface.
This stencil measures 12" x 12"
$30.00 cdn

Here is one of our clients, Cameo Boutique from Duncan BC Canada that used our stencil on some pillows.
Squealing with delight!

OOOOH La La we LOVE the detail in these 4 different decorative corners. They are fabulous on dresser drawers.
 This stencil measures 12" x 12"
$30.00 cdn

Here is a cabinet from Ava Blake Creations showcasing one way the corners can be used.

This Damask is so pretty with it's feminine lines.
This stencil measures12" x 14"
$30.00 cdn

We LOVE how the damask is so subtle and so pretty on this cabinet!

 We designed this stencil to be smaller so that you can add these sweet birds to any design. For example, you can add them to a chandelier, a tree branch, on a picture frame etc.
This stencil measures 8" x 8"
$20.00 cdn

This sweet chandelier is the perfect size to add to any cabinet door!
This measures 10" x12"
$25.00 cdn

Here is picture of the small chandelier using a specialty shimmer plaster.

This chandelier we made extra large so you can use it on furniture with ease.
This one measures 20" x 24"
$40.00 cdn

Here is a picture from one of our retailers Paint Chica in Nanaimo BC Canada.

We are SO EXCITED to share these stencils with you!
Please send us any questions regarding purchasing our stencils for retail or wholesale to
We LOVE sharing, make sure to send us an email or tag us #thealbertadames when sharing your creations.

Keep on Creating
Super Love
The Alberta Dames

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our June 06 2015 Vintage Shindig blog...

Goodness, it has been to long since we posted! 
The Alberta Dames have been BUSIER then honey bees...

We hosted our Spring Market this June 6th, 2015 at Beautiful Vintage Balzac Hall, in Balzac Alberta Canada just outside Calgary Alberta.
Click the READ MORE to see all the details...

Our hearts burst with gratitude from our fans/clients/customers that are willing to line up all day long just to get in to support us!
ALL of these AMAZING photos are from the talented Amy Becker! We love you Amy!

and BAM, they were excited to shop...

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Bring it.....


Hello and Welcome to The Alberta Dames Vintage Shindig 2015!
Our first show is June 6th at Balzac Hall, in Balzac Alberta Canada, across the highway from Crossiron Mills Mall.
-->One day only<--
Tickets are $3 at the door with a portion of proceeds going to The Airdrie Food Bank Bank

~Early bird tickets are available to purchase for a cost of $20 each. This entitles you to a full hour of first pickins and the best selection of shopping before the doors open to the public. You shop from 9-10am AND you get a gift from the Alberta Dames. Email Only 50 available.

Don't Forget....we give away incredible prize packs EVERY HOUR throughout the day! YAHOOO

2 FULL floors of  vintage yummy-ness...
 Here is the list of our AMAZING, FUN, UBER CREATIVE vendors so far....
You can see their work on their facebook pages...

Always Sunny
Ava Blake Creations
Crafted Artisan Truck
Cougar Chic
Brok Boys
Off the Top Creations
City and the Sticks Designs
Splinters & Shards
Nooks Design
Barnstorm Creations
Bunky & Marie's Consignment Boutique
Polka Dot Creek
the art of Lauren Cowles
Barb's Bears
sam & nat
Buttercream Clothing
Sweet Serendipity
Deb's Designs~Jewelery
Krazy Moose Tents & Gear
For The Birds
Reclaimed Antique Designs - RAD
Two Girls Redesigning Life
Leanne Montpetit, Kreative Evolution Welding Art
Stay tuned for more...

THANK YOU for following us on this wild crazy fun creative journey!
Share the info on this post to all your girlfriends....this event makes for an outstanding girls weekend!
See you bellas soon...

Jenny & Annie

Monday, October 20, 2014

Christmas Christmas Christmas!!!!

Hello all you lovelies out there!

WOW has time flew by! We are hosting our Alberta Dames Vintage Christmas Bash on October 25th at Balzac Hall in Balzac Alberta Canada....just outside of Calgary AB.
We have 27 vendors of all wonderful things vintage! From jewelery, to Angels and literally EVERYTHING in between!! Go check out our page for a list of vendors. Click HERE

We are ginning away a prize pack an hour for the entire day! Is this the BEST girls event EVER?! We think so! Prizes range from $25-$300 WoooHoooo
van Gogh Fossil Paint is letting us give away not one....but TWO $300 van Gogh Fossil Paint Packages!!!!!!! OHYA you read that right! Just come on down to enter! It's the never ending FUN pack!

We will also have a food truck to offer you a hot breakfast, Coffee, Hot chocolate, and then her Mango Pulled Pork Sandwiches, YUMMO! Sparkies food truck is coming to us from Lethbridge AB.

Not to mention myself Ava Blake Creations and Annie of Cougar Chic Decor, not only do we organize this entire event but will have an overflowing booth FULL of goodies for you to purchase!

We are excited to meet every one of you!
See you Saturday!